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Hello, thank you for visiting the website of Exploring New Zealand. My name is Andrew Rutherford and I am the owner of the company and main guide.




关于 Exploring New Zealand (漫游新西兰)




你好, 欢迎来到Exploring New Zealand (漫游新西兰) 的官方网站, 我是Andrew Rutherford (安得烈 卢瑟福), 本公司的经营者以及导游。




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Welcome to Exploring New Zealand tours and Charters. We offer a number of different transport services. See below for our Cruise Ship tours and Orokonui Tours or Educational Transport for our school and early childhood services




欢迎来到Exploring New Zealand (漫游新西兰) 旅游与租赁公司。我们向您提供基于不同目的的各种运输服务,请参考我们如下的达尼丁轮渡游 (城市游), Orokonui 生态游与为学校及幼儿所提供的交通运输服务。





About Andrew Rutherford



After many years of working in the transport and Tourism industry with Kiwi Shuttles and Glenorchy Air I moved with my family to the community of Port Chalmers and started Exploring New Zealand to show visitors and residents the beautiful West Harbour area of Dunedin. I also provide charter buses for schools and early childhood centres.




关于Andrew Rutherford (安得烈 卢瑟福)




Kiwi Shuttles Glenorchy Air 公司从事了多年的旅游,运输工作之后, 我协全家一起搬到了达尼丁的Port Chalmers (查莫斯港)。本着向游客展示达尼丁美丽的西海港的初衷, 我成立了Exploring New Zealand (漫游新西兰)。我同时还为各大学校与儿童看护所提供巴士服务。




Other Staff



As well as myself we also have Wayne Boutcher as a driver/guide 







除了我之外,为您服务的还有出色的司机兼导游Wayne Boutcher (韦恩 布齐) 以及 导游兼市场策划Phillippa Dunkley (菲力帕 邓克利)




2014-2015 Cruise Ship Season



This will be our third cruise ships season in operation, and we are hoping to reach as many people as possible so we can give them a great value tour of Dunedin for an exceptional price. As well as full and half day tours we provide shuttles from the ship at a lower price than the ones provided by the ship.





20142015 轮渡季







Vehicle Fleet


Our current fleet consists of three vehicles:


 1x Nissan Civilian bus with 19 passenger seats. 1x Hino Rainbow bus with 24 passenger seats. 1x Mitsubishi Fuso bus with 29 passenger seats.








Nissan Civilian bus (日产尼桑民用巴士): 19名乘客


Hino Rainbow bus (日野彩虹巴士): 24名乘客


Mitsubishi Fuso bus (三菱扶桑卡巴士): 29 名乘客




Pickup on the Wharf


 If you book in advance we can pick you up from your cruise ship on the wharf












l  Cruise Ship tours page



See Dunedin. Contact me with your needs and these or other customised options can be arranged.




达尼丁轮渡游 (城市游)








Tour Options


Tours depart at 9.45 from the wharf at Port Chalmers and 11.00 from in front of the i-site in town.








观光巴士于早上9:45在查尔莫斯港出发 或于11:00在市中心的 i-site (游客信息中心) 门口出发。




The Half day tour


1. Free time at the Railway station/Settlers Museum/Chinese Garden


2. Baldwin street


3. A lookout point over the city (usually Signal hill, unless it is foggy in which case it will be Bracken view)


4. A guided walk through part of the upper gardens which includes the Aviaries with exotic and native birds, Australian Garden, The African Garden, The Mediterranean Garden and the Rhododendron Dell.


Return back to the ship at the end of the tour (if desired). Then an option to go back at:


1.45pm or 3.10pm from the bus stop opposite Cadbury World.




Price: $30 per person








1. 游客有充足的时间去自由探索达尼丁火车站, 移民博物馆以及兰园。


2. 参观世界上最陡峭的街道, 鲍德温大街。


3. 在达尼丁的制高点眺望城市美景, 通常会是信号山 (Signal hill), 如果天气多雾, 我们则会带您去布莱肯 (Bracken view)


4. 带您参观新西兰的第一座植物园,并全程为您提供生动的讲解,包括植物园内的各类鸟类,澳洲主题园,非洲主题园,地中海主题园以及杜鹃花谷的自然知识和相关历史。


5. 如有乘客需要,我们将会提供直接返程至游轮的服务或于下午1:45以及3:45将您送至吉百利巧克力工厂对面的车站。




价格:每人30 纽币 (NZD)




The Full Day tour


The same as the half day tour but adds:


St Clair esplanade, The Chocolate Factory shop/tour + some free time in town and return to the ship via the Mount Cargill road with at least one stop along the way at the Scott memorial lookout over the ship.


Estimated return time back at ship  tour is 4.00 - 4.30pm.



Price: $50 per person














圣克莱尔沿海大道, 吉百利巧克力工厂游 以及一段游客在市中心自己支配的时间。在行程结束后, 经由卡吉尔山返程, 沿途经过斯科特纪念像。




价格:每人50 纽币 (NZD)





Information for Cruise Ship passengers to Dunedin


Basic information


Tours and transport may be booked on the internet ahead of time, on the Ship, and on the Wharf.

There are substantial savings for passengers who make their own arrangements.

In Dunedin there is a very low risk to making your own arrangements and a great deal of flexibility that can be gained.












自己定制关于达尼丁观光路线, 并由本公司全程服务的游客将会更加节省开销。








Itinerary for Longer Dunedin Cruise Ship Tour




The tour is a minimum of a four hour tour which consists of three or more hours around Dunedin city area followed by an up to one hour tour of Orokonui Eco Sanctuary. The tour includes a commentary from the driver.


9.30am: Depart from the wharf at Port Chalmers.


9.45am: Stop outside railway station. Free walkaround for clients (45min) Option to see the Railway Station, Early Settlers Museum and Chocolate Factory shop.


10.00 - 10.30am Clients from town may board at railway station.


Drive through to South Dunedin, down King Edward Street and down Victoria road to St Clair and stop for look at beach area.


Go back into the city centre via Hillside road. At 11.00. Option for clients to get on at the Octagon. Proceed down George Street to view main shopping area.


Upper Botanical Gardens 30 mins guided walk around includes aviaries. Toilets available.


For view over the city visit Signal Hill lookout. Approx 10 mins.


Stop at Baldwin Street, North East Valley. View of street. Option to walk up. 10-15 mins Up the Mt Cargill road and out of the city.


Orokonui Ecosanctuary visitor center with talk and optional access to the sanctuary for 30 min guided walk at an extra charge of $15pp or $10pp for six or more.


Scott Memorial, view of the cruise ship and Port Chalmers from above.


Return to ship. Option to get off in Port Chalmers town.


Price: $50 per person


Payment options for payment at the time: We accept NZ AU and US dollars (at a 1-1 conversion rate), isite voucher or Visa/Mastercard.






本行程至少在4小时以上, 其中包含了23小时的达尼丁城市游以及长达1小时的Orokonui 生态游, 我们的司机兼导游将会全程为您提供有趣生动的讲解。




上午9.30am: 从查莫斯港口出发


上午9.45am: 到达达尼丁火车站, 游客有45分钟的时间自由探索周边景点,例如达尼丁火车站, 早期移民博物馆与吉百利巧克力工厂。


上午10.00 - 10.30am: 游客在火车站前集合并重新登车, 乘坐我们的巴士经由爱德华国王大街与维多利亚路向达尼丁南部始发并最终到达圣克莱尔沿海大道欣赏海滩美景。


上午11.00am: 巴士经由山道路返回市中心。游客可以选择在市中心的Octagon下车并沿着George Street游览主要商业中心。


与导游一同参观达尼丁植物园, 行程长达30分钟,并配有专业的讲解及免费的厕所。


在信号山眺望城市美景, 时长约10分钟。


参观世界上最陡峭的街道, 鲍德温大街, 并提供1015分钟让您亲爬街的机会。




Orokonui Ecosanctuary visitor center with talk and optional access to the sanctuary for 30 min guided walk at an extra charge of $15pp or $10pp for six or more.








价格:每人50 纽币 (NZD)




支付方式:接受新西兰,澳大利亚及美国货币(汇率在11的情况下), isite兑换券, Visa与万事达信用卡。